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“It’s so nice to see a personal finance book from an author who has spent a lot of time on the front lines of financial planning. Shannon Lee Simmons offers pragmatic solutions, or, more accurately, ‘fresh ways to think’ while dealing with one’s money. Well done!”

—DAVID CHILTON, author of The Wealthy Barber

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“If you’re ready to end the financial drama and feel good about your money, you need this book. Immediately. You cannot afford to miss this one!”

—SANDRA HANNA, CEO, Smart Cookies

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“What separates this book from all the others is real insight on how people interact with money. Practical, readable, fresh advice here.”

Rob Carrick Personal finance columnist, The Globe and Mail

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“A crazy practical, fun as hell approach to getting your financial house in order.”

Sarah Vermunt, Careergasm Founder, and author of Careeegasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work

Meet The Author

SHANNON LEE SIMMONS is a certified financial planner, chartered investment manager, life coach, speaker and the founder of the award-winning New School of Finance. She was named one of Canada’s “30 Under 30” and won the Notable Award for Best in Finance. She’s a personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail and is the personal finance expert on CBC’s On the Money and CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning. She lives in Toronto with her husband and new baby.

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